Pokéman fans, here comes another new and exciting information! Upon the announcement of a new special edition of Nintendo Switch, it’s time to mark the upcoming November 5 to welcome the newly announced The Limited Dialga and Palkia Edition Nintendo Switch Lite, just a few weeks before the scheduled release of Pokémon edition Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Nintendo Switch Lite on November 19. In the Pokémon Presents video, the Pokémon Company unveiled that the new Switch Lite has a base color of black, and both gold and silver decals of Palkia and Dialga are on the back. 

A closer look at the new Pokémon themed Nintendo Switch Lite:


The exact details of pre-orders are yet to be announced. As soon as the pre-orders are available, we will update you with the relevant pre-order links. We will make sure you know where to pre-order once it’s available. We’re also anticipating the new release, and together we can all look forward to it!

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