The Perfect Party Game

Towards the end of October, let’s welcome the Mario Party Superstars! Instead of releasing as a completely new entry, Mario Party Superstars is actually a collection of remade popular minigames from the previous series, bringing back nostalgic memories for the fans of Mario series.  The main draw of Mario Party Superstars is that it offers […]

Best Logitech Gaming Accessories 2021

With PC gaming being so popular now, people normally play games to de-stress after a tedious day, connect with friends online and share the excitement together. In order to get the most out of the experience, you should be prepared with several pc gaming peripherals that allow you to customize to tailor your gaming needs. […]

Shhh, Boss Not Around Now!

Heyyy, it’s the weekend already! Some more, it’s Boss Day! Everyone is boss today (YOU SURE?) and here’s some special deals for you! Enjoy up to 31% discount on Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition gaming keyboard to get the edge you need to thrive where the competition is fiercest. Alternatively, SteelSeries could be another choice if […]

Trade-in Games with GH!

Video games are now one of the most influential trends in the industry now, especially during the pandemic, almost everyone is involved in video games. However, every time you complete the game, it would be a hassle for you to keep all the used games in the corner and let every video game collect dust. […]

Show Us What You’ve Got!

Halo!!! Plenty of excitement awaits this month, here’s another one if you are still in the hype of our anniversary sales! Gamers Hideout has partnered with the short-video-format social media giant TikTok, to launch the #GHMYChallenge, inviting Malaysian creators to showcase their best moves! From 15 to 31 October, all TikTok creators are eligible to […]

Why Buy Pre-owned Games at GH?

When it comes to buying games, many times, unfortunately, the first choice is always to buy a new one. New video games can be very tempting, but at what cost? Not only does buying new products usually cost you more money, but the environment also pays a high price for producing these new products. So […]

Top 3 SteelSeries Mice 2021

Probably among all PC peripherals, gaming mouse is considered as one of the most influential aspects in winning the game. SteelSeries wired and wireless gaming mice are they’re built for gaming precision with optical tracking sensors and hyper durable materials. Additionally, they are available in ergonomic, right-handed or ambidextrous designs, and are easily customizable for […]

Become the Blade that Destroys Demons!

Demon Slayer has reached its peak of popularity over the past few years ever since it was first released in Manga, and up till now it never seems to subside. Not only the manga has shattered Shonen Jump records, but the anime released later has also reached another new level of international popularity after Demon […]

Happy 15th Birthday X 10.10 Hot Sales

In a few days time we will be celebrating our 15th anniversary since we launched in 2006. Phew, what a journey it has been! Throughout the years, we are really grateful for all our awesome customers’ continued support and love towards Gamers Hideout. And no celebration is complete without gifts and rewards, so in this […]

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

Having a good gaming keyboard definitely makes a difference and serves as your most important weapon in your PC-gaming arsenal. You do not necessarily need a high-end gaming keyboard that spends a fortune of yours in order to win the game, there are still some budget options which will still give you the winning edge […]