Back 4 blood

Try the most competitive zombie shooting game Back 4 Blood created by the original Left 4 Dead creator! Now it’s time for you to cooperate with your squads to fight with the zombies in the post-apocalyptic Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood as a co-op zombie shooter, it’s not hard to expect that the entire gameplay will be packed full with gore, guns, weapons, ammos and enemies. You will see a crew of capable players (called “Cleaners” in-game) battling the zombie (the Riddens) in four-player co-op and eight-player PvP, adopting a new card system in Back 4 Blood, you will be required to decide on decks with gameplay-modifying cards to handle specific strategies or scenarios before beginning a gaming session. These powerup cards can give you abilities like extra health, increased damage, or granting an extra life. Some might even affect the whole squad, so be aware of the randomization!

Basically the story of Back 4 Blood takes place after a global outbreak caused by a newly discovered parasite, where most humans have been infected and become parasite infected horrors “Ridden”. And what you are facing is a post-apocalyptic world, you can either play with up to 4 players in online co-op, or up to 8 players in PVP. As “cleaners”, you are to take on the enemies, destroy the Riddens and retake the world to win the game.

Chaos can become apparent when there are so many zombies within the game that they start to overwhelm you, thus it’s critical that you stay calm and avoid rash and panic decisions when you encounter zombies swarm and allies begin to fall. Turtle Rock, the developer, has announced that Back 4 Blood is now expected to be launched on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X on 12 October 2021. Roam around the map, kill the zombies and don’t get special infections that could ruin your entire life!