Once again the parkour running, melee smashing, infected beating, open-world title – Dying Light 2: Stay Human will be back by today! Dying Light 2 was originally announced at E3 2018 with a snazzy trailer, but eventually settled to release in early 2022 after several delays. After a long wait, let’s see what upgrades and optimizations Techland has for us!

Dying Light 2 Release Date

After several delays, the game has now shifted to launch on 4 February 2022. It will drop on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, PS5, PS4, and even on Nintendo Switch. 

What is Dying Light 2: Stay Human about? 

Dying Light 2: Stay Human sets players into an urban landscape after a zombie outbreak. The Dying series strongly emphasizes on traversal, allowing you to make your way through the isolated landscape with parkour abilities effectively and quickly. 

In Dying Light 2, you become Aiden Caldwell, an outsider trying to unravel a tangled mystery from his past. Its trail leads him to The City — probably the last bastion of mankind in the world. You will be handling various odd jobs and tasks for the citizens of The City. In the first place, you feel this intense, brutal place will tear you apart, but then you soon meet the Nightrunners, veteran survivors who helped people in the better days. But Nightrunners are gone. You are not sure if you can still trust them but you need allies in the dark. 

As you explore The City — a place larger than the world seen in the original game—you’ll have a chance to take on side missions, investigate abandoned buildings, and make decisions that affect your story. Be mindful that your every decision will influence the narrative and notably change the environment. 

Dying Light 2 Gameplay

In the gameplay trailer, you might be able to spot some monuments like the Arc de Triomphe and the Brandenburg Gate that reinforce that Western feel. Dying Light 2 also features seven different regions for you to run and jump through, plus you will have different styles of parkour movement that requires you to be more responsive and agile to move freely in rickety and crumbling buildings. 

In addition to the returning focus on open-world exploration and melee combat, the adaptive narrative adds a new twist that makes the game’s world feel more like your own. The combat will be more tactical and requires you to constantly move and observe your enemies to respond to their attacks. 

Also, the environment and returning day/night cycle will give you opportunities to get the jump on human tearaways as well as those pesky zeds. The Infecteds will roam the streets at night, forcing you to make for the rooftops to avoid the lavas on the floor as you’ll be pursued and encounter Screamers. While the infecteds are out on the streets, it’s worth making a trip to their nest – the Dark Zone, there will be huge rewards buried in the heart of these zones but they are incredibly treacherous, so watch out! The horror is well worth it.

What’s new in the Dying Light 2: Stay Human?

In the new Dying Light we’ll be shifting to the west of the fictional Turkish City of Harran, and the map size will be four times larger than all of the first game’s combined.

The most significant change to be expected in Dying Light 2: Stay Human is the new adaptive storytelling. Throughout the game, in every critical point in the plot you as Aiden Caldwell need to choose which faction to side with to press forward. For different factions that control the districts of The City, you will see changes to the environment that reflect their ideologies. Every choice you make carries significant consequences and there’s simply no easy way to just reverse and change them.

In addition, in this new sequel you’ll acquire new abilities and weapons to assist you in your fight against bandits and the more evolved infected. Gear crafting is emphasized in this game, where in some cases, you can build mods in weapon crafting that have multiple uses. 

Wherever your actions take you, there’s one thing you can never forget—stay human

Releasing by today! Pre-order HERE and decide your own fate now.