The gaming console is a piece of electronic equipment for playing video games on screens like a television or a desktop. It transmits an image or a video signal to display the playable games with a game controller.

But can playing video games help you achieve your exercise goal every day? They absolutely can! If you choose your gaming console correctly. Not to forget, playing games that get you moving like active video games (AVGs).

Let’s find out the best gaming consoles and accessories to help get you in shape this 2022.

Nintendo Switch

One of the most known gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch, targets interactive gameplay, encouraging users to move around during gaming sessions. What’s great about the Nintendo is that it’s family-friendly, so there are all kinds of games for gamers of all ages. Not to mention it limits online communication, restricting young kids from discovering what they’re not supposed to.

Nintendo Switch Fitness Games:

Oculus Quest 2

Facebook-owned Oculus Quest 2 is a virtual reality (VR) headset. It offers hundreds of fun solo- and multiplayer games, so you could not only challenge yourself, but your friends too! It is a great gaming console if you want a fully immersive gaming experience, as you quite literally will be IN the game – how cool is that!

Oculus Quest 2 Fitness Games:

Xbox One

Xbox One is a fantastic gaming console for those whose house is equipped with 4K Ultra-HD television. The Xbox does not use controllers to track your movements like the Nintendo Switch. Instead, its accessory, Kinect, is the one in charge of sensing your movements.

The Kinect has remarkable features of a 1080p camera that detects motions from a minimum distance of three feet. Not only that, it recognises facial expressions and observes heart rates.

Xbox One Fitness Games:

PlayStation 4 & 5 (PS4 & PS5)

The PlayStation is a gaming console that is arguably the best console for the masses as it offers diverse gaming titles. Additionally, Sony releases its own virtual reality gaming accessory compatible with PS4 and PS5 consoles, the PlayStation VR.

PlayStation Fitness Games:

Fitness and Fun!

Adulting and living a balanced lifestyle usually don’t mix well. You wake up, go to work, and log off your computer just in time for dinner and bedtime. Now, with these gaming consoles, you can have fun without feeling the guilt about not exercising enough! A healthy body and mind result in a healthier life!

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