Hey Gamersss! Gamers Hideout is officially on Discord

What is Discord?

Just in case you don’t know what Discord is, Discord basically is one of the most popular ways gamers communicate online. Similar to Skype, it has its roots in gaming and that’s how we wanna gather all gamers to engage with one another! Simply communicate directly via voice, video, or text, and join servers where larger communities can interact together. 

New to Discord? Or a veteran Discord user? 

No matter who you are, you are always welcome to join our GH Discord server because YOU DESERVE IT!

So… What do we have for you?

On our Gamers Hideout Discord server, you are free to be yourself! (with T&C btw) Anything you want to say or do, you won’t be judged. Of course, foul words or swearing are not allowed. (JUST SHHH) You’d better take this rare opportunity to meet new people and make friends with them. (YOU NEEDA TOUCH SOME GRASS DUDE) 

Moreover, chatting with various content creators could be so much fun as you get the chance to exchange thoughts and ideas on your favorite game! You might not know the person you are talking to could be your senpai in the game. 

On top of that, we have various promotions and events exclusively only for you who join our Discord community! We will also constantly update the latest gaming news, trends and memes in it, and WHO KNOWS, you might even see your memes featured on our social media! Check it out and make your day with these fun contents! You can even chat with our friendly moderators, we are glad to assist with your inquiries as we have a specific channel to house all general inquiries.

Don’t you think this is a gamers’ paradise? Interested to join us? Scan the QR Code below and come join Gamer’s Hideout Discord party and enjoy to the fullest on our channel! Stay tuned for more upcoming exciting news!