The video game industry is now larger than ever, to the point where it has become its own profession to play video games. These gamers would record and simultaneously broadcast it online in real-time, as there are many people who are so passionate about video games that they will actually spend their time watching gamers or professional eSports players play them, just to connect with others who share their passion.

Why is Video Game Live Streaming So Popular?

One of the main reasons why live streaming is so popular is mainly due to the interactions and engagements it offers for the viewers and also the live streamer. Through multiple functions on the live streaming platform, you get to receive instant live feedback from the viewers, and you can also respond to their comments right away.

The genuine interaction here allows to create a deep connection between the viewers and the live streamer. Live stream basically lets you broadcast what is actually happening in real-time and the authenticity of this kind of content makes it more relatable to the viewers and what they’re going through and that makes it more appealing.

Do you want to reach viewers who are far away, or overseas, and talk with them in real time? If you do, live streaming could be an effective way to do so. By using live streaming, you can bring your audience closer to you, you get to expand your reach as a brand or individual.

More and more social platforms created easy access for you to live stream, it’s easier for people to view and share your live content to their friends and family on their social media immediately. With the increased exposure to a broader audience, more likely increases the number of people you interact with, which then in turn increases potential followers and customers.

Basic Equipment to Start:

Now, let’s go over the basic things you need to start live streaming. Here is a list of basic equipment for you to refer if you want to try out streaming:

  1. Display Device (PC, Smartphones, Consoles, etc.)
  2. Webcam
  3. Microphone
  4. Data Transferring App (for PC)
  5. Lighting (Optional)
  6. Green Screen (Optional)

Although it’s true that if you have a powerful enough PC, the stream quality will be better. But as a beginner, an entry-level, low-budget hardware normally is recommended to include an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and Nvidia GTX 650 series or higher. Or you can even opt for smartphones or consoles. 

Aside from having a display device, you will also need a low-budget, good quality webcam and microphone. There are many options out there, as these two are important for a good stream quality video to attract viewers. The Logitech C310 webcam is a good choice for beginners who want to get started with live streaming, as it is currently at a discount, it would be reasonable to purchase it. While the portable mini streaming microphone provides remarkable recording quality for streaming video, it is also available in our webstore. 

Additionally, if you’re on a PC, you will need a third-party app to transfer your recorded data to a live streaming platform. There are several platforms available that allow you to work with most of the services provided, especially OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and basic for you to get started with as a beginner. To support these platforms, a stable internet connection is a must for you to interact with your viewers, it also determines how much information can be streamed per second.

Optionally, you might also want to invest in more equipment for instance lighting and green screen. A good lighting helps the image you want to appear on screen to look natural. For people who are streaming, it’s important to make sure that your audience isn’t looking at the background where you’re streaming from. Green screen is not exactly necessary, but it won’t hurt getting one. Such a level of commitment helps to attract more viewers too.

There are several game streaming platforms you can choose from:

Interested in becoming a streamer? Having a proper set up is just a start. You will need to choose a game to commit and at the same time appreciate your viewers, interact with them and show your gratitude to them. You can start small and build up your personal branding from there, just like the well-known streamers Shroud, Shufayewong or Pokimane!

We understand that streaming is never an easy task, and it takes a lot of time, effort and commitments. And that’s why, we are here to help you! If you are a game lover and you are already in the streaming industry, no matter beginner or experienced, we welcome you! Check out our Streamer Program, let us know your streaming schedule and get a chance to join our program!

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