lost judgment

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio presenting the new title Lost Judgment, sequel to Judgment launched in 2019. With the higher definition and graphic improvements, Lost Judgment is releasing in a few days, bringing more exciting, thrilling and suspenseful stories revolving around the protagonist Takayuki Yagami, voiced by the popular Japanese actor Takuya Kimura.

In Lost Judgment, the story mainly takes place in Yokohama, which was seen in Yakuza: Like a Dragon before. Following the storyline of Lost Judgment, you will be able to explore their classrooms, playgrounds, and others with great fidelity.

The story begins with the conviction of the defendant Akihiro Ehara for an issue of harassment. However Ehara revealed his involvement in the recently discovered dead body, therefore his defense lawyer contacts private detective Yagami and hires him to look into the case- which serves as a springboard for the game’s story. One of the captivating parts of Lost Judgment will be focusing on how Yagami’s moral dilemmas grow as he becomes more involved in the investigation and has to decide whether he wants to uphold the law or to make sure that justice is delivered where the system fails.

Perhaps the biggest and most anticipated features you could expect in Lost Judgment will be the school settings. Yagami’s investigation will bring you undercover into a high school in Yokohama, and be the advisor of the Mystery Research Club, which serves an important element in the narrative. Moreover you could expect various fighting styles allowing you to disarm enemies with knives, katanas, and even firearms. Stealth or parkour is also included to equip Yagami to be nimble during the course of investigations. 

Now Lost Judgment is available to pre-order for PS4 and PS5, releasing on the 24 September 2021. Get one now! And explore if you would help the Yagami find the culprit or do you want to make sure that justice is delivered?