Towards the end of October, let’s welcome the Mario Party Superstars! Instead of releasing as a completely new entry, Party Superstars is actually a collection of remade popular minigames from the previous series, bringing back nostalgic memories for the fans of Mario series. 

The main draw of Mario Party Superstars is that it offers a return to the truly classic Mario Party formula with up to 100 minigames spanning the entire series and five boards from the Nintendo 64 era. What you will be experiencing,  up to four players roll dice and travel around a virtual board game. So all characters will be traveling the board alone, each character rolls a standard dice block from 1 to 10, and all of Superstars’ 100 minigames can be enjoyed with standard button controls. Watch out, things may get wild if you are playing with your friends! 

So you’ve known there’ll be so many games available, there are plenty of new elements to make your gaming experience even fun. Such as online playing mode to play against others, stamps that portray different emotions, path countdown which tells you how far away from the Star and you get to see some new faces in the game!

Now in our webstore, you can pre-order it now at RM209.90. In this week, on 29 October 2021, let’s get the party going with Mario Party Superstars together with your friends and family!