Gaming headset

A gaming headset is quite a good investment for a better gaming experience. Whether you are a beginner or an avid gamer, a clear and balanced gaming sound is something you should experience in your gaming in order to react faster when you hear the footsteps of your enemy approaching you. You are going to need a good quality gaming headset when you are going to play for long hours, it provides comfort with its mesh fabric ear pads which are soft and breathable. Below are some new arrival gaming headsets that you can consider if you are looking for one now:

1. SteelSeries TUSQ In-Ear Headset

Compared to other popular gaming headset like Razer or HyperX Cloud, this SteelSeries TUSQ headset is generally affordable. It is currently priced at RM 139.90 in our webstore. 

Although this gaming headset is built for gamers, it is also suitable for people who are mostly working from home now, who need to be in endless video conferences. The price is quite reasonable and the connectivity of wired connection allows for no hassle of pairing devices.

What makes this SteelSeries TUSQ in-ear mobile gaming headset so attractive is mainly its full headset functionality which includes a dual microphone system with a detachable boom microphone for excellent voice quality especially in chat and gaming audio, plus a convenient built-in microphone for backup. The inline microphone is built into the inline control that lets you play or pause a track as well as a mute switch for the microphone. Whereas the detachable boom microphone is attached to the left earbud, allows you to have better quality gaming chat.

Besides, TUSQ gaming headsets are designed with a comfortable lightweight ergonomic design – 3 sizes of best-in-class silicone ear tips to adjust to fit any ears, staying secure and comfortable in long hours of gameplay, also further ensuring that it will not fall out while you are battling in games. And as it is an insert earphone forming a seal across the ear canal, it eliminates a certain amount of the background noise so you can focus on your game. 

TUSQ has a 4 pole 3.5mm connector, which makes it compatible with almost all gaming platforms. You can use this headset on any smartphone or computer that has a 3.5mm jack. 

2. Razer Opus X

The latest product from Razer is the Opus X Wireless Headphones, a more affordable sibling of the previous Razer Opus Wireless, but it comes with few compromises, of course.

The Opus X body is made of plastic, with the top of the headband made from leather, making it lightweight, comfortable and durable. All buttons are positioned at the right bottom ear cup, controlling the volume (+/-) and a pause button between them. This new Razer Opus X maintains the same Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which is controlled by a power button, toggling between the noise cancelling mode (ANC on/off). 

Compared to the original Opus designed for audiophiles and higher pricing, the Opus X is aimed more for mobile gamers and those who just want ANC for less. You still get good audio quality with Opus X, it doesn’t sound bad for a RM500+ headphones. Technically with the ANC and the Quick Attention Mode (QAM) functioned by the power button, it blocks out most of the background noise and you get to pay more attention to your game surroundings.

A new feature of the Opux X is the low latency gaming mode, with this gaming mode on, it optimizes the wireless headset performance because of the 60ms low latency connection, basically it means that your audio and video stay in sync on your smartphone.

And if you opt for a mobile lifestyle, you can consider this affordable Opus X headphone with ANC without a 3.5mm audio jack, because it works only through wireless Bluetooth.

3. Razer Hammerhead True Wireless X

Razer has introduced the new Hammerhead True Wireless X, which is a new pair of wireless earbuds. These earbuds are equipped with an ultra low latency (60ms to be precise) Gaming Mode via Bluetooth, allowing you to instantly react to audio cues especially in those reaction-based games. As the leading lifestyle brand for gamers, the sound quality is remarkable as it has excellent audio reproduction, you could clearly distinguish the enemy’s footsteps from gunfire, which is necessary for these games.

The Hammerhead is designed conveniently to switch between Normal Mode and Gaming Mode — just by triple tapping and holding the last tap. The touch sensor is embedded behind the backlit Razer logo, fast and responsive enough for switching between Normal and Game mode. Same goes to media controls, answering phone calls and accessing voice assistant features, everything is customizable and just a few taps away.

The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless X is a semi in-ear wireless earbud, hence it tends to be a little loose. If you want to use it while exercising, it is recommended to use earbuds with the provided rubber ear tips for a more snug fit. It has sufficient water resistance, so you do not need to worry about falling off.

In terms of battery performance, you can simply charge the Hammerhead True Wireless X earbuds via its charging case. The charging from zero to full takes approximately 2 hours, but with the lighting on, you can stretch the battery use up to 6 hours.

Hammerhead True Wireless X delivers a more than decent audio performance with its advanced hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC), producing anti-noise to counter noises from outside and shut all distractions. This can be a great choice if you are looking for stylish audio freedom.

4. Logitech G335

If you’re currently looking around for a new pair of headphones with a comparatively low price tag, check out a decent option from Logitech – Logitech G335 wired gaming headset. Logitech G335 is one of Logitech’s more bolder and stylish collections, offering the classic black, white and a newly announced stylish mint color. At just around RM 260+ you can get a stylish Logitech G335 headset where comfort and color combine.

This Logitech G335 focuses on its lightweight comfort design, weighing at only 250g, with the design of the suspension headband allows weight to be distributed more evenly throughout the head and ear, relieving pressure points. Plus the soft memory ear cups and mesh material are breathable, allowing for maximum comfort during extended use.

Overall, the design is simple and clear-Logitech designed it for a plug-and-play setup, using a simple 3.5mm audio jack, you can easily access Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, as well as general PC, mobile devices or laptops, simply quickly connect and jump into the game.

What’s more, the Logitech G335 is equipped with 40 mm neodymium drivers that will deliver a crisp, clear sound when you connect it to your game. On the other hand, this elastic flippable headset has also obtained Discord certification, hence it is guaranteed to deliver clear transmission and decent voice clarity. Especially for those who prefer to play games in a moderate volume, Logitech G335 does well in lows and mids. 

Given the affordable price of the headset, the headset provides more than it is expected to. To be fair, at least, you will get value for your money with Logitech G335.

5. Razer Barracuda X

From the overall outlook, the Razer Barracuda X looks simple and classic, unlike other Razer headsets that are known for its RGB lighting or bright colorways. Though it looks simple, the functionality is impressive and strong. On top of being lightweight from its plastic materials, Razer Barracuda X features the mesh fabric ear pads which are soft and breathable, plus the headband is comfortable offering the right amount of tension to provide sufficient support.  

The Barracuda X is advertised as a multi-platform gaming headset, in other words, basically it works with almost everything. The headset is wirelessly connected to a 2.4GHz USB-C dongle that can be plugged into a variety of devices. You can quickly and easily connect to a PS5, Switch, PC, Android phone, or any device with USB-C audio support.

In terms of its battery life, according to Razer, it can last up to 20 hours of use per charge, although they are not equipped with any fast charging functions but at least they charge via USB Type-C, so only one charger setting is needed here.

Speaking of performance, it delivers excellent sound performance via its 40mm Triforce drivers for a mid-tier wireless gaming headset. The clarity of Razer Barracuda X is remarkable, clear separation between the high, mid, and low frequencies makes it easy to listen to. Especially in games that require a high concentration level, the deep and balanced sound it delivers, allows you to find subtle cues and  accurately ascertain the nuances of surround sound in games.

For a gaming headset priced at RM450+, the Barracuda X‘s sound performance and the functionality is worth it, and you can even wear it for extended periods of time comfortably.