To all the No More Heroes fans, there is a treat for you! If you’re a fan, you would have been waiting for the announcement of the 3rd sequel to this game. Well, it has been announced that No More Heroes 3 is soon to be released. 

To the fans of the series it isn’t new to you that this game, No More Heroes 3, is fictionally set in an extraterrestrial context. Based on Aliens taking over the world, the game introduced the Aliens starting with destroying a major city on Earth! Not knowing about Travis (ironically the Hero character of the game)and his beam katana, the Aliens try hosting an Intergalactic Superhero Ranking Tournament to decide Earth’s fate. Will Travis save Earth? 

The designer of this game, a fan-favourite, Suda 51 revealed that there will be some new artworks and new characters in No More Heroes 3. There will be real life voice actors bringing them to life! Sylvia’s role will be different in this game than it was in the previous No More Heroes 2. Apparently, she won’t be involved with the world of assassins. Suda 51 also revealed that due to Travis taking part in the tournament, he would work his way to earn money to pay for the entrance fee. Hence, you will get to experience a whole new set of jobs/tasks, skills and adventures introduced in the game.

To gamers who have never played the prequels, need not worry about missing out on important stuff. You can still pretty much play No More Heroes 3 without the experience of playing the prequels. The game plots are pretty standalone. 

Wait no more as the No More Heroes 3 will be out for you to purchase on the 27th of August! Mark your calendars and get ready for some Alien-bashing-fun!