For those of you who had played Sonic in your youth, Sega proudly presents the new Sonic game while celebrating its 30th anniversary by bringing back nostalgic memories. Sonic Colors: Ultimate is out this coming September with multiple promising changes and of course, upgrades to draw newcomers.

If you are a fan of Sonic, you will be able to notice Ultimate is featuring a performance boost and a significant increase in resolution. On PC, PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox, there is a major visual upgrade where the game will run in a 4K resolution, and at 60 frames per second (FPS), plus improved graphics all around.

Besides the technical and quality improvements, new content is included, where Ultimate is newly featured with the Rival Rush game mode. You get to race through level against the Metal Sonic on various courses, and unlock special rewards by winning the race. The rewards most likely are the cosmetic items in nature, including customizable auras, boosts, gloves, and shoes that can be earned with new Park Tokens.

Besides the original Wisps power up that was first introduced in 2010 and also appeared in several other games, Ultimate came out with their own Wisps power up – the Jade Ghost. By its name, it’s not difficult to know that this power up will transform Sonic the hedgehog to a ghost and lets him fly around levels and even pass through objects. You might even be able to visit new locations and see what the entire Sonic is like.

Take this opportunity to fight the evil Dr. Eggman in the gigantic interstellar amusement park to free the captured alien race “Wisps”! Now with the upgraded visuals, additional features, new Rival Rush mode, pre-order it now and on the 9 September 2021 you will get to experience the excitement to its fullest.