A new charming Pokémon collection has come to the UT that is well designed by two talented artists, Meguru Yamaguchi and James Jarvis! These skillful illustrators have partnered with UNIQLO to produce a selection of shirts with some stylized, “street art” Pokémon shirts. They feature the likes of Pikachu, Psyduck, Mewtwo, and more. 

Meguru uses his signature brush strokes to manifest courageous Pokémon in battle, the meticulous work and colors of his result in highly refined fashion items. While James Jarvis presents the playful Pokémon with cartoon-style illustrations. The simple, distinctive designs of both artists have enhanced the individuality and uniqueness of each Pokémon. 

Collaborating with Gamers Hideout, this time Pokémon Meets Artist brings you the most exciting giveaways that all Pokémon fans have been long awaited for! Stand a chance to win exclusive Uniqlo prizes or a Special Power A carrying case

Entering is easy:
1. Follow @uniqlomyofficial and @mygamershideout on Instagram
2. Tag 2 friends in the comment section and answer this: If you were to have a Pokémon with you right now, what would it be and why?

From 13 to 19 December, think out of the box and leave creative comments! How awesome it would be to have a Pokémon with you in real life! 

The contest will end on 19 December 2021. Three (3) winners from all eligible entries will be randomly selected on 20 December to win the giveaways. Will you be one of them? Stay tuned to check out the winner announcement in the comment! 

Good luck guys! Can’t wait to see you bringing your Pokémon home!

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