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There’s no doubt Malaysians are very enthusiastic when it comes to our local mouth-watering food! Situated in a country with multiple cultural backgrounds, Malaysia is definitely one of the well-known countries with various delicious foods from different cultures or races, and of course we are very proud of that! 

So what if Malaysia’s food culture appeared or was mentioned in some form of media where most people will be involved in? Video Games – Definitely most Malaysians will be excited and hyped about it. With that being said, in view of the era where video games are the popular trend, incorporating Malaysian authentic food culture in it will be one of the fastest ways to introduce our culture to the public. 

Colt Vahn’s mind is definitely racing before he tries the Karipap.

Here’s a way, how about letting your favorite video game character have a try of our local food? We have a variety of selections available, Satay, Nasi Lemak, Karipap, Roti Canai and many more, all they can choose from! Although in games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy XV, Tales of Arise, etc. you get to gather ingredients and prepare all kinds of food. But wouldn’t be fun to do something different once in a while? Sharing them our local food?

Imagine how will your favorite characters react when they first try our Malaysian food. Curious? Fascinated? Or steady like Kratos in the picture below???

Aloy having her first Char Kuey Teow
Kratos making Satay
Sam figuring which Nasi Lemak to eat
Cloud impressed of Ramly Burger’s taste

Can you imagine what will Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn do after grabbing a bite of the appetizing Char Kuey Teow, or how will Cloud from Final Fantasy VII react after taking the first bite of the must-not-missed Ramly Burger?

You can even try offering The Father from Far Cry 5 a Curry Mee, how’s that? They might go easy on you in game for eating your food, don’t you think so? Wanna give it a try?

None of your favorite food on the list? Fear not! Feel free to comment in our Facebook post and let us know what’s your favorite #localfood and which game character do you want them to try!

The Father must have never realized how spicy this Curry Mee would be when he receives it.