When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in, a surge in TV viewing and online streaming is brought in due to government imposed travel restrictions and lockdown measures, leading people to stay at home. People spend most of their waking hours in front of the screen compared to before, viewing more video streaming services.

It’s no surprise that the technology is getting increasingly advanced. We can see how technology is growing and developing, and we are striving to cope with the constantly changing world. Live streaming has grown in popularity in the past few years. However during the outbreak of Covid, along with social activities restricted, people were forced to look for alternative jobs to survive through the pandemic. And one of them being game streaming, this industry prominently stood out and it turns out that it becomes a very significant and common channel for people to turn to when they feel disconnected.

Game streaming provides a means to reach out to people all across the world, and that’s where game streaming platforms arise and are continuously growing. And now that so many experiences we used to enjoy in person before have moved to live streaming, you don’t even need to leave your home to see the world — Zoom lectures, Twitch Concerts, Facebook and YouTube Gaming, etc. Thanks to these platforms, people who love games from all over the world gather “together” and enjoy the same experiences at that particular moment, and through comments or chats they get to interact with each other.

As a social marketing tool, it is an effective way for gaming streamers to engage with a highly niche audience and give fans unprecedented live access to their lives. In addition, the game streaming platform is a stage for the amateur gamers to display their talent, and this trend attracts more and more gaming streamers to start earning their living with it. This was not expected in the past, as there were no game streaming platforms decades ago. 

With the easy accessed technology, in fact it turns out game streaming has become a viable way for gamers to make money. But before you think of making money from it, it is crucial to understand that it might seem easy to monetize a live stream, however the amount you can earn is variable. It is directly proportional to the amount of work you put in and the quality of the gaming content. You might consider creating exclusive content and charging your subscribers, or if you have a larger audience try selling your own merchandise to top up your earnings. In short, live streaming is a great way to promote yourself as a brand or individual. 

Aside from the rosy situation described above, gaming streamers face various challenges which majority of them reflect that they encounter scarce gaming marketing resources such as lack of proper marketing platform, sponsorship, proper equipment or even could not find a suitable gamers to collaborate with in order to increase their exposure. Proper gaming streamer selection is a meticulous process, if you are looking for someone to collaborate with, you will have to juggle your schedule, your viewers, and also your live contents. Game streaming is never easy to succeed at, it requires a lot of hard work, strategy and time to create quality content to retain the base audience and attract new followers. 

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