Elden Ring —— Now Rise, Tarnished


The Elden Ring is finally here. After a long, agonizing wait and a slight delay, FromSoftware’s next action RPG is coming! It’s probably the biggest and possibly best game in the series, and it’s shaping up to be everything we’ve ever wanted. When is Elden Ring’s Release Date? Elden Ring is set to launch on […]

3 Easy Ways to Spice up Your Food | Junk Jars x Gamers Hideout


Gaming without quick bites can be boring and dull. We gamers definitely need some salty or sweet quick meals to keep our mind sharp and give us the edge when gaming. What’s more, don’t you often feel hungry while gaming at night?  Here we have the best treat that makes every meal taste better for […]

12-12 The Biggest Hype Year End Sale is Finally Here!


If you missed out on our 11.11, Black Friday and even our Cyber Monday Sale, you’re in luck, because… we have more for you! You still have a chance to save big, there are still many discounts and promotional prices available in our webstore for the upcoming big 12-12 sale. And that’s why we all […]

Best Logitech Gaming Accessories 2021

In order to get the most out of the gaming experience, you should be prepared with several pc gaming peripherals that allow you to customize to tailor your gaming needs. Considering the brands and features, we’ve listed a list of PC gaming peripherals from Logitech you could gather to achieve your gaming peak performance: 1. […]

Top 3 Best SteelSeries Mice 2021

Probably among all PC peripherals, gaming mouse is considered as one of the most influential aspects in winning the game. SteelSeries wired and wireless gaming mice are they’re built for gaming precision with optical tracking sensors and hyper durable materials. Additionally, they are available in ergonomic, right-handed or ambidextrous designs, and are easily customizable for […]

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

Having a good gaming keyboard definitely makes a difference and serves as your most important weapon in your PC-gaming arsenal. You do not necessarily need a high-end gaming keyboard that spends a fortune of yours in order to win the game, there are still some budget options which will still give you the winning edge […]

Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops

Today’s gaming laptops can pack some serious power, giving you the same graphical quality as a gaming desktop without having to use a big rig while still being able to keep their prices lower than gaming desktops.  There are many gaming laptops that come in various shapes and sizes, catering for different needs and budgets. […]