Wireless Headphones: A Working Life Necessity

Nowadays, wireless headphones are all the rave. Even beyond the gaming world, wireless headphones have become so widespread, they are now considered a necessity. Whether you’re working remotely or in the office, wireless headphones are your reliable, trusted companion.  This article will delve into some of the significance, advantages, and practicality of working with wireless […]

Getting In Shape For 2022 With These Gaming Consoles and Accessories


The gaming console is a piece of electronic equipment for playing video games on screens like a television or a desktop. It transmits an image or a video signal to display the playable games with a game controller. But can playing video games help you achieve your exercise goal every day? They absolutely can! If […]

Horizon: Forbidden West —— Rise Above Our Ruin


While Horizon Forbidden West was expected to be released late last year, publisher Sony and developer Guerilla Games pushed the launch date to February 2022 to ensure the game that ships is the very best it can be. And finally, the long-awaited sequel – Horizon Forbidden West – is one the most anticipated games on […]

Win Premiere Ticket to Uncharted Movie!


The young actor continues to swing … on chandeliers. This time together with Sony Malaysia, we are giving special giveaways to you to watch Tom Holland in his latest movie Uncharted! Grab your friends and family to join this contest and stand a chance to watch this exciting adventure next week! You’re invited! Uncharted Showtime: […]

3 Easy Ways to Spice up Your Food | Junk Jars x Gamers Hideout


Gaming without quick bites can be boring and dull. We gamers definitely need some salty or sweet quick meals to keep our mind sharp and give us the edge when gaming. What’s more, don’t you often feel hungry while gaming at night?  Here we have the best treat that makes every meal taste better for […]

Dying Light 2: Stay Human —— Your Choice, Your World


Once again the parkour running, melee smashing, infected beating, open-world title – Dying Light 2: Stay Human will be back by today! Dying Light 2 was originally announced at E3 2018 with a snazzy trailer, but eventually settled to release in early 2022 after several delays. After a long wait, let’s see what upgrades and […]

25th Pokémon TCG is in Town Now!


First time in Malaysia, Pokémon TCG is coming to town, all Pokémon fans don’t miss out! In this coming week, until 13 February 2022 Pokémon will be waiting for you at AEON MALL Metro Prima celebrating its TCG 25th Year Exhibition! In this exciting and fun-filled Trading Card Game exhibition, there are tons of exciting […]

How to Celebrate 2022 Chinese New Year in Style


GONG XI FA CAI!!! Gear up for this 2022 Chinese New Year sales happening till 15 February 2022. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING nationwide, you’ll definitely shop till you drop.  In this Chinese New Year’s season, it’s time to do spring cleaning, make your house squeaky clean and redecorate your house with these new gadgets!  Can’t go […]

Pokémon Legends: Arceus —— What Best Things to Expect


In just one week, the long-awaited Pokemon Arceus is coming! Apparently this Pokemon Arceus marks a new direction of the Pokemon series, let’s check out what they have for us this season! When does Pokemon Legends: Arceus release? All of you who have been waiting for this, must have known the release date of the […]

2021-2022 Year-End Sale is HERE!

Just because holidays are officially over doesn’t mean your shopping spree should come to an end as well. Time flies when you are having fun, after celebrating Christmas and Boxing Day, it’s time to check out some year-end sales and cheer well into 2022!!  Don’t miss out and enjoy great deals on this year-end season […]