12-12 The Biggest Hype Year End Sale is Finally Here!


If you missed out on our 11.11, Black Friday and even our Cyber Monday Sale, you’re in luck, because… we have more for you! You still have a chance to save big, there are still many discounts and promotional prices available in our webstore for the upcoming big 12-12 sale. And that’s why we all […]

Mario Party —— The Perfect Party Game

Towards the end of October, let’s welcome the Mario Party Superstars! Instead of releasing as a completely new entry, Party Superstars is actually a collection of remade popular minigames from the previous series, bringing back nostalgic memories for the fans of Mario series.  The main draw of Mario Party Superstars is that it offers a […]

Trade-in Games with GH!

Video games are now one of the most influential trends in the industry now, especially during the pandemic, almost everyone is involved in video games. However, every time you complete the game, it would be a hassle for you to keep all the used games in the corner and let every video game collect dust. […]

4 Good Reasons to Buy Pre-owned Games at GH

When it comes to buying games, many times, unfortunately, the first choice is always to buy a new one. New video games can be very tempting, but at what cost? Not only does buying new products usually cost you more money, but the environment also pays a high price for producing these new products. So […]

Thrill and Dread —— Metroid Dread

Only the longest, most dedicated Metroid Dread fans will remember the old announcement of Metroid Dread that came 15 years ago. Surprisingly at E3 2021 Nintendo introduced the game again with plenty of juicy details to dig into. But fear not, the developers, MercurySteam and Nintendo EPD promised that Metro Dread will be a beginner-friendly […]

FIFA 22 —— A Cool Legend

Highly anticipated by the fans, FIFA 22 the football simulation game is coming once again bringing more visual upgrades and exciting new game features! FIFA fans, now’s your time to extend the excitement! SO… What is it about FIFA 22 that really makes it worth buying it? Let’s go over some of the cool features […]

No More Heroes III Set to Release on 27 Aug!

To all the No More Heroes fans, there is a treat for you! If you’re a fan, you would have been waiting for the announcement of the 3rd sequel to this game. Well, it has been announced that No More Heroes 3 is soon to be released.  To the fans of the series it isn’t […]

Nostalgia Classic & Ultimate Sonic Game is Back in 2021!

For those of you who had played Sonic in your youth, Sega proudly presents the new Sonic game while celebrating its 30th anniversary by bringing back nostalgic memories. Sonic Colors: Ultimate is out this coming September with multiple promising changes and of course, upgrades to draw newcomers. If you are a fan of Sonic, you […]