Halo Infinite: You Must Be Impossible

halo infinite

It’s been two long decades since the first Halo was first released. Plenty of time for it to become distorted in the memories of the millions who played it. And now in 2021 bringing back some tidbits and reveals of the latest Halo: Infinite, including the multiplayer and campaign gameplay lighten up the fuel of the […]

OLD to New OLED!

True Gamer Recycles (TGR) is back again with better trade-in offerings —— OLED for you!  Have you grown bored of your old console? Looking for something fresh and new? Try the Nintendo Switch OLED! Enjoy a bigger screen and improved audio quality to make your gaming an entirely new experience.  Now all you need to […]

Thrilling Drive in Style —— Forza Horizon 5

Are you a car lover? Are you adventurous? If yes, then you should not miss out your horizon adventure in Mexico with limitless fun driving actions in hundreds of the world’s greatest cars only can be found at Forza Horizon 5! This time, Forza Horizon 5 is bringing you to the hot and enthusiastic Mexico! […]

Demon Slayer —— Be the Best Blade that Destroys Demons!

Demon Slayer has reached its peak of popularity over the past few years ever since it was first released in Manga, and up till now it never seems to subside. Not only the manga has shattered Shonen Jump records, but the anime released later has also reached another new level of international popularity after Demon […]

Don’t Get Infected —— Back 4 Blood

Try the most competitive zombie shooting game Back 4 Blood created by the original Left 4 Dead creator! Now it’s time for you to cooperate with your squads to fight with the zombies in the post-apocalyptic Back 4 Blood.  Back 4 Blood as a co-op zombie shooter, it’s not hard to expect that the entire […]

FIFA 22 —— A Cool Legend

Highly anticipated by the fans, FIFA 22 the football simulation game is coming once again bringing more visual upgrades and exciting new game features! FIFA fans, now’s your time to extend the excitement! SO… What is it about FIFA 22 that really makes it worth buying it? Let’s go over some of the cool features […]

Tales of Arise —— 6 Adventurous & Eye-Opening Journeys

With the recent release of the demo from Bandai Namco for their upcoming game, Tales of Arise, it allows players to acclimate to the game world and get used to the controls. The demo features a small slice of gameplay introducing the game main features and players are able to try all six playable characters. […]

NBA 2K22: Create Your Dream Legacy

It’s finale time in the NBA! There are some big things to look forward to this offseason, as NBA 2K22 is set to release soon, let’s take a sneak peek of what’s worth anticipating in the recently announced NBA 2K22. First and foremost there are a few different NBA 2K22 versions available, NBA 2K22 Standard […]

Ride the Fun in Riders Republic with 50 Players!

How about an exciting and hot-blooded race in Riders Republic with other players in a game where you get to enjoy all kinds of extreme sports such as bikes, wingsuits, skis, snowboarding and many more? Riders Republic brings you a massive multiplayer co-op and competitive sports game with up to 50 players competing in a […]

Nostalgia Classic & Ultimate Sonic Game is Back in 2021!

For those of you who had played Sonic in your youth, Sega proudly presents the new Sonic game while celebrating its 30th anniversary by bringing back nostalgic memories. Sonic Colors: Ultimate is out this coming September with multiple promising changes and of course, upgrades to draw newcomers. If you are a fan of Sonic, you […]