Gamers are passionate and particular people.

Among all gaming snacks that are in your room, burgers are the best good-to-go finger food that MIGHT contain sufficient nutrients. Although it is said that the processed meat used in burgers probably shortens anyone’s life span. But WHO CARES? We’re young and healthy—for now at least. And burgers are easy to get anywhere online! 

Whether you play games on PC or console, playing hours upon hours of Back 4 Blood, Battlefield, Halo and all the rest that needs great concentration have required gamers to find food for snacking that is quick, easy and tasty. 

So… We know you well and hear your call so now we proudly present our exciting collaboration with Malaysian brand myBurgerLab to fuel your game sessions! We’ve come out with the best burger menu for gamers to keep you going through the night and build your game character in every possible way: 


1. In-N-Out Tribute

You’re either IN to win it all, or you’re OUT. No matter what happens in-game, we gotchu covered 😉 This is a tribute to our first (burger) love from In-N-Out, The 2×2 DOUBLE Sharp Cheddar Beef Patty seared w/ Mustard + Secret Sauce.


2. Bait & Switch

The perfect burger for baiting the enemy, and turning the tables on them! 😈 Beware – it’s addictive! A marinated Fried Chicken Thigh, topped with Cilantro, Onions and paired with a tangy, slightly spicy Budu Mayo.

3. Jammin with Elvis

Refuel after gaming with a sweet yet savoury burger! Our tribute to the King is a Cheddar Beef Patty, topped with Peanut Butter and Jelly 🥜 You either love it or hate it!

Look at how cheesy and delicious the burgers are!!

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