Video games are now one of the most influential trends in the industry now, especially during the pandemic, almost everyone is involved in video games. However, every time you complete the game, it would be a hassle for you to keep all the used games in the corner and let every video game collect dust. So how about selling them to GH and letting the game characters revive? Let’s see why you should trade-in with GH:

1. Earn extra with used games

Vintage video games can actually be a big-money investment. If you’ve completed the game or tired with it, trade in your used games with GH anytime and get attractive values of the trade-in either in the form of cash or store credit.

2. Upgrade your game

We offer higher trade-in value for store credit, so here’s the tips: if you trade your used games with us for store credit, you get to save lots of extra money and upgrade to the most recent games or consoles that you simply are wanting, compared to trade-in for cash value.

3. Fast and convenient 

It takes no time to trade-in with GH! It’s so fast and easy, all you have to do is just bring in your game and fill up our form, and in only 24hrs you get your store credit/cash value and enjoy your shopping with us!

4. Recycle 

Instead of disposing of the used games, why not “be green” and let your game revive in other gamers hands? Also, disposing of the games will actually harm the environment, especially the video game discs, paper inserts, and plastic jackets and cases can all take years to process in a landfill.

So… How does it work?

  1. Visit your nearest GH outlet (1U / I-City / Mid Valley / Sunway Pyramid)
  2. Refer GH staff for trade-in. Your item will undergo diagnostic testing and inspection
  3. Get your credit/cash & enjoy gaming!