Guysss, the long-awaited Battlefield 2042 is back after months of fan speculation and hints from developers. Don’t wait any longer, let’s join the battlefield!

In this Battlefield 2042, you will be seeing wars between Russia and the U.S., both trying to take control of the vital resources in the battle. Ever since 2031 decades of damage caused by climate change peaked in 2040, where over 70% of the world’s satellites are knocked out by a space debris storm, resulting in a global blackout, plane crashes, communication breakdowns, and extreme economic instability. The battles will take you all around the world, accomplishing various missions together with your squad.

Featuring up to 128 players, including bigger maps which are divided into sectors containing control points; you have to capture all the control points in a sector to control the sector. What’s more, one of the biggest changes will be the specialists in Battlefield 2042, these are the characters who have unique gadgets and traits, they are also more flexible using any weapon that you’ve unlocked. 

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