Just because holidays are officially over doesn’t mean your shopping spree should come to an end as well. Time flies when you are having fun, after celebrating Christmas and Boxing Day, it’s time to check out some year-end sales and cheer well into 2022!! 

Don’t miss out and enjoy great deals on this year-end season with your friends and family in welcoming 2022. Come and discover all our products at physical stores and online from 30 December 2021 till 9 January 2022 with discounts up to 70% OFF!

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Since the new year is coming soon, it’s time for you to enhance your new look with our stylish products! With the recently released MSI PULSE GL66 11UCK-1032, you can enjoy every detail in games at 2560×1440 resolution and the blazing fast 165Hz refresh rate panel. It’s time for a more vibrant visual experience. Plus the support of  the latest DDR4-3200 memory, take the chance to get a kick out of the faster system speed and responsiveness, and the whole new standard will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Take instant 40% OFF on the advanced craftsmanship TTRacing Duo V3 Air Threads Fabric Gaming Chair! Not only does it come with a pristine face lift and equipped with top quality parts, the body and seat are both fabricated with breathable Italian Elastic Cloth facilitating air flow and dissipating heat even faster, catering to most users. The Duo V3 is capable of tilting to a maximum of 155 degrees backwards. There’s no more need to worry about backache anymore! There is Dusk or Dawn color available for you to choose from.

In this year-end season, make luxury and spruce up your home on a budget! SteelSeries Rival 3 Wired Gaming Mouse is now pricing at lower than RM150, the price can’t go any lower than this, this is the best time for you to purchase! The Steelseries Rival 3 wired was made for gaming with it equipped with the brilliant Prism lighting, a new performance-focused sensor, and unreal levels of durability. Gamers, you can’t afford to miss this sale, your dream product is just within your budget range! Grab it while stock lasts!

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Logitech G431 allows you to be surrounded by the immersive gaming environment with the big 50 mm audio drivers that produce a complete, expansive sound. Besides the enhanced, enlarged 6mm mic lets your squadmates hear you clearly and if you do not want to be heard simply flip-to-mute boom to silence yourself. Now in this year end sale you get to bring this extremely comfortable gaming headset home at less than RM250, you can even save more with Pace interest-free installments!

Experience the thrill and excitement of saving Mario and friends with Luigi in this year end holiday season! Luigi was terrified about it and has no idea about how to save them, so you have to guide him collect gems and the buttons missing from the elevator to access the other floors! All you need to do is to catch ghosts and solve puzzles in order to rescue Mario and his friends from the Last Resort Hotel. The best thing about this game is you get to switch between single player mode or work together with up to 8 players to ascend the ScareScraper via local wireless or online.

Or if you are looking for more excitement at a better deal, this Nintendo Switch bundle provided along with the Consoles V2 and the game Overcooked : All You Can Eat would be the best choice for you. Everything’s on fire, and there’s meat everywhere. Ingredients need to be chopped, processed, fried, steamed, prepped, plated and served, but there will be plenty of obstacles in the way. Experience these chaotic moments with your friends with online multiplayer mode and you’ll surely be able to get through it.

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